Jean-Paul Sartre

About Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul had his teeth checked today and it looks like he’s five weeks old. A Good Samaritan heard him crying for hours and upon finding him, cared for him for a week. With a senior cat at home and a vacation starting soon, she knew she couldn’t keep such a tiny kitten.

She called several rescues and a public shelter but no one would take him— one group even refused him because he was black.

Our current fosters here in my house are all adults, so this should be fun. We’ve had babies in the house this summer to cover for other fosters’ vacations.

Why Jean-Paul? Well, we normally name litters after pantheons of gods. But this little guy is a singleton— so it seems ironic to name him after a French existentialist philosopher who would take the agnostic view of “if there is a god, it makes no difference in the outcome of my life or my behavior,” n’est-ce pas?

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