The Greek Pantheon

Our first set of fosters arrived on August 1, 2020. They were born in mid-April so we assigned them a birthday of April 19. Does that make the Aries or Taurus?

Click here to read more about these cuties: Day 1: Meet the Greek Pride

This is the YouTube playlist for the Greek Pride: The Greek Cats on YouTube

On the second day, four out of the five did amazing in our daily routine. We named the runt (Zeus) and he even started to play!

Zeus playing

YouTube video of Zeus learning to play.

Unfortunately, socializing kittens is not for the feint of heart and I ended up in the urgent care for cellulitis in my finger from getting bitten while trying to give Hades medicine.

Blog entry for day two

Blog entry for two weeks in

Blog entry for three weeks

Zeus & Artemis

Artemis at an adoption event

Zeus and Apollo at an adoption event

Zeus and Apollo go to Chaar

Visiting Zeus and Apollo at Chaar

The last member of the Greek Pride is Hermes. Update on Hermes