The Random Litter

The Random Litter came to us named by another volunteer in the foster group, though that volunteer didn’t tell us she had named all of them. We had two boys and a girl, all from the same litter. The boys were marmalade tabbies and the girl is a lovely grey and orange tortie.

The friendly boy had the name Giorgio, supposedly named after the homeowner who trapped them. His name is also listed as Georgio depending where you look. The one that still hides, even after two weeks in my room, she named Canyon because he hides. I’m not sure I get the logic behind the name.

Another volunteer later told me the girl’s name was Dixie, but I had named her Jennifer Grey, because I don’t want anyone putting baby in a corner and she’s very grey.

I had planned to name that after more existentialists– I imagined an Albert Camus and Simone de Beauvoir to round out my collection, but that left need of one more… and then I saw their folders had names.

After all, we volunteered to foster them to teach Jean-Paul Sartre how to cat.