Nonprofit Communications Portfolio

1. This was ASPIRE to Autonomy’s first annual report. I pitched the concept, wrote the copy and hired the graphic designer that I knew could interpret my vision: ASPIRE annual report. The original center spread was an initiation of Mission Impossible that read Mission One Million (detailing the organization’s plan to reach 1 million in annual revenue) but one of the founders thought it was too future-oriented for an annual report. I believe that as a new organization that piece in this annual report bolsters the group’s legitimacy and sustainability in the eyes of foundations and major donors.

2. The national YWCA has a branding identity using orange for emphasis. I updated some materials for the local branch, using two-color printing to both reduce cost and modernize/professionalize the look: YWCA of Bethlehem.

3. Social media was a key need for ProJeCt of Easton. As of this compilation (November 5, 2021), it appears they have only posted to the @projecteaston Instagram account once since my departure in July 2020. I have compiled some of my favorite posts. They appear chronologically— and the captions on the photo will tell some of the background of why I chose to promote this way. Also, in most cases, if I am not in the photo, I took the photo.

Recommendation letter from colleague: Janel Pauser

4. I also encourage you to visit, my publishing company that I started (while working full-time) in September as a hobby. I have slowly been building that website and brand.

5. One part of my business plan for Parisian Phoenix Publishing is to publish fundraising books for nonprofits. I am planning the first for an organization I volunteer with Feline Urban Rescue and Rehab. The book will feature a thesis by one of our social worker board members about animal welfare as an empowerment/poverty issue (and that animal rescue is a middle-aged white woman game and more people of color need to get involved) which I will supplement with essays by volunteers about cats, cat rescue and cat knowledge. The book will cost about $5 per copy and the rescue keeps all profit. So if they set the price at $15– that’s $10 per copy. The book will be distributed by Ingram.

6. Speaking of the cats, this piece in Lehigh Valley Live is 90% my press release: Kitten Cafe. This event was my daughter’s idea. We planned it in a month and raised $2500 in 2.5 hours. Hundreds of people lined up to pay $5 to hold a kitten. And I had a photographer (that I selected based on my belief in her talent) there and she took photos like this:

Work of Joan Zachary

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