The Celtic Pride

Danu and her kittens

FURR Celtic Pride: Mama Danu and her three kittens

This poor tuxedo Mama cat got dumped on a local farm with her three approximately month old kittens. They are all very sweet, and Mama has a scratch under her eye from trying to escape. Who knows what this family’s story is, but Mama is a little underweight for a nursing mother.

The Family


Named Danu after the Celtic mother goddess by her foster family, this tuxedo is so sweet and mellow. She is a careful and protective mom but seems to appreciate when humans are trying to help.

Danu hugging me after her bath


Named after the Irish God of Blarney and story telling, Baile is the only gray tabby in the group. Baile also talks a lot.


Aîné (Annie) has a pink nose and pink toe pads. She cries when you pick her up.


Brigid is wicked smart, and in turn a little devilish. She has black polka dots on her nose and black toe pads.