Halloween 2021

As I write this, I am mourning the loss of having finished The Night Shift on Netflix. I am imbibing some generic strawberry lemonade energy drinks strongly laced with too much gin. I am craving potato chips, cuddling my cat Fog, and nursing my injuries from the day.

But perhaps I need to back up…

The photos above summarize my Halloween.

At 11 a.m., we had an appointment for Danu and her babies from the Celtic Pride— Aîné, Baile and Brigid and our newest foster, Georgie, to meet our foster cat godmother for shots, flea treatment, dewormer and microchip and OH MY GOODNESS was Georgie dramatic.

Then the teenager had a commitment to walk in the local Halloween parade and she asked me yesterday to walk with her as she paraded in costume. I will do anything my daughter asks.

And half way through the parade, I fell flat on my face to the collective gasp of the crowd. I rise, keep walking, hip and knee in pain. But I keep going.


I finished the parade. Outside the teenager’s high school. Her father and herself know that the fact that I finished the parade did not mean I was okay as I have been known to do things like walk a Chinese buffet with a broken ankle.

My knee is swollen. I tripped over a mirror late in the day that struck me in the tender parts.

My back hurts.

I am craving potato chips as my body adjusts to the Mirena.

My princess, the male cat I jokingly named Fog, is curled up next to me. He is my baby.

The teenager’s dad came over and they carved pumpkins and I typed some of a manuscript for the identity anthology. We handed out candy and even the dog got to enjoy trick-or-treat.

I ordered Wawa for dinner— the teenager’s favorite ranch Mac and cheese, chicken Caesar salad and pierogie quesadilla and Blizzards from Dairy Queen for dessert.

Tomorrow the teenager is consulting a cleaning woman to take some of the stress off me.

Saturday Night Silliness

So tonight our family is going to see Heddatron at Lafayette College. My office colleague’s husband is the technical director at the college and she invited us to come.

The teenager’s dad works at Lafayette (as I once did many, many moons ago) and I earned a second bachelors degree there, graduating with the class of 2013.

I invited him to join us for the show. He agreed. He and the teenager will be heading to the laundromat after the performance. Sounds like a good time!

We decided to go to Dubs on Fifth in West Easton for dinner. While just a sports pub, they have some vintage arcade games and good burgers. They also have an eclectic menu of grilled cheeses. They also have a sign over the bar that makes me smile:

I love Jesus but I drink a little.”

Dubs on Fifth

After dinner I mentioned that Dairy Queen has a Buy One Get One For 80 cents in honor of the eightieth anniversary.

So, of course, the teen wanted ice cream. She and her dad both got mediums. I got two minis. That way I could have TWO flavors.

And the teenager just realized her father has no neck. And thanked me for hers.

We’re enjoying a lot of silliness together. And that feels good.