Animals and astrology

Today was hard. In ways I didn’t expect.

It didn’t start that way as it started with all five FURR kittens from the Greek Pride coming to eat at the same time!!!

Starting with the black cat and moving clockwise: Hades, Apollo (you can’t see his head), Zeus, Hermes (not quite at the bowl) and Artemis

That was super exciting as the exclamation points denote.

I indulged in the self-care that usually helps, but instead I feel worse. Went for a walk. Still in a bad mood. But Sobaka followed me home and refused to leave my side.

So I indulged in stress eating, and that didn’t help.

My horoscope didn’t help as several different astrology sites, including my favorite astrology app Co-Star, warned me things wouldn’t be easy.

Of course, there has to be a reference to Fire/Mars. A friend I recently alienated is a Fire sign and oh so Mars.

So I tried retail therapy— and this was a totally stupid move because:

  1. I don’t have any income right now and my savings will only cover two months living expenses.
  2. I paused my Ipsy subscription yet I ordered cosmetics.
  3. I not only ordered cosmetics but I ordered Goth cosmetics so I’m probably not going to be able to pull off the look.

But in my defense, I ordered $60 worth of cosmetics, but found a 20% off discount code, and paid $5 shipping for a total of about $55. And I qualified for a $5 American Express statement credit for supporting small business.

I sent the teenager this photo to select a red lipstick for herself

That merely made me feel guilty.

And, as my last effort to revive my spirits, I walked down to Darnell’s house for a business meeting— both for Thrive Public Relations and for Aspire to Autonomy.

I brought the teenager along to meet The Household Dog.

Here is the two of them: The teenager and Baby Boy (video)

The energy of working with Darnell, Amber and Melanie (all members of the Aspire team) revived my energy. Darnell even invited me to stay for a fish sandwich but the teenager needed me to come home and med the kittens of our pride.

Then, she left for her dad’s and I came upstairs to share dinner with my cockatoo, Nala. She was super bratty and bitey so I put her on the floor. I was losing my temper.

And she walked to the budgie cage. Climbed it. Pulled out the newspaper on the bottom of the cage…

And pooped!

I’m about to continue on with my evening, but I had to give the animals credit for making me smile.

Co-Star Astrology and the intimate, magical relationship with myself

My Horoscope Today

I have the free Co-Star Astrology App which actually creates your birth chart and plots your daily horoscope from there.

At 1 pm daily, I get a push notification that reads with whatever message is on that lightbulb line.

I really liked today’s. It made me quiver a bit in excitement.

You are here to develop an intimate, magical relationship with yourself.

Hell, yes.

I’ve been working 8 a.m to 6 p.m. for about a week now and every day I say, “Today is the day I will clock out on time.”

Today I was driving home from Staples. I had to have photocopies made of a grant proposal. And they could only have ten people in the store at a time.

There was no traffic.

And somehow, alone in my house, those ten hour workdays are less stressful and exponentially more productive than 8 in the office. But I think that’s because the world itself has slowed.

I got a compliment from my boss today. A small one. I haven’t gotten one of those in a while. She called a letter I composed for her to sign, “very nice.”

It’s also fun to see how various colleagues react to working from home and the amusing casual messages we exchange because we don’t have that office interaction. Like George asks me every day if I’m having anything good for lunch.

So right now is a good time to develop an intimate, magical relationship with myself as it’s just me. And the cats. And the kittens. And the birds.

At least until the teenager returns home from her dad’s.