The unfortunate cat bite

So yesterday in our first attempt to medicate Hades’ eyes, she bit me.

As I wrote yesterday, I went to the urgent care and was prescribed antibiotics. But this morning the bite and finger was much worse.

Ironically we were able to give both kittens their meds today without a hitch. And Hades even stayed out and didn’t hide after we smeared antibiotic ointment in her eyes.

The black cat at the teenager’s witchy shelf

After we got them treated, I went downstairs, had a little pastry and took my bactrim.

Then I headed to the emergency room at St. Luke’s Easton Campus. I walked over. It’s a gorgeous morning.

Now I left home shortly after 6. I didn’t open the curtains or feed the birds because I figured I could do that when I get home.

The ER has other plans. I need to see a hand surgeon. He will decide whether he needs to open the hand and clean it. Personally I believe he does.

So I have had an X-ray, IV antibiotics and fluids, and a variety of blood work that has also returned normal.

I am sitting and waiting for a room to open at the main hospital in Bethlehem as this one doesn’t have an OR let alone a hand surgeon.

I thought they could just poke a hole in it and be done.

How wrong I was.

Once the room opens, I will ride the ambulance to the other facility.

Have I mentioned I have a high deductible medical plan?