Acrylic Nail Home Maintanence

In early March, I made the decision to keep acrylic on my nails for two-ish more weeks before switching over to a natural French manicure.

That was scheduled for March 28.

As far as nails growing out go, they look good and Beth, my amazing nail professional at Hyperion Salon, posted lots of tips of how to decorate them if one has an opportunity to go out.

She also posted how to remove acrylic and gel manicures at home. I have lots of experience removing gel manicures with the Up and Up Gel Removal kit from Target (though I only have 6 pads left). The process for acrylic is similar.

She mentioned that I need to watch for acrylic lifting away from the nail because if water gets in there fungus can grow. Well I have some concerns about two of them so I’m taking them off.

If this helps anyone else, look up Hyperion on Facebook:


I started getting manicures and pedicures about four years ago because I love having pretty nails, but I tend to be very sloppy doing them myself.

I had started working a little side gig helping my blind author friend with her typing and submission management.

That gave me just enough money for manis and pedis.

Being such a high energy person, just having an hour or two to sit and be pampered did wonders for my hardworking, child raising soul.

And I also realized my toenails were getting thicker. With my bad eyesight, it’s hard for me to trim them. Working retail 8-9 hours a day, that led to a lot of pain when my toenails rubbed against my shoes.

Normally my nails are nice, and long, and hearty. But the stress of life right now has them short and brittle.

So to help them recover, I’m getting acrylics. I have never had fake nails. I’ve always been vehemently opposed to them and a tad disgusted by them.

I’m sharing this new journey with you. This blog never stays the same.

It looks like the first step is to apply fake tips to extend length. The nail is prepped, the extension is trimmed and shaped. In my case, I like almond nails.

Then the acrylic is applied evenly across the nail.

Then the polishing can commence. Once the shape and thickness is perfected.

And my nail tech slimes up my nails with Neosporin because your hands take a beating.

So pretty!

I took another photo on the way to get pizza.

After my appointment, my nail tech and I grabbed a pizza and some wine.

Nala even danced to “Angelina” for her!

Slowing down

I did something I haven’t done in a while… I went to work on time. I had been going into the office an hour early every day.

I stayed home. Spent time with Nala. Packed a lovely salad for lunch. Balanced my budget. Did three days worth of dishes. Even vacuumed and cleaned the bird cages.

The teenager came home from school and did laundry.

And on top of all that, work went super well. My new colleague and I approach everything as a team. She has a strong background in non-profit development and I have a strong background in communications so we approach everything from our respective strengths.

And I think the result is ten times better than either of us could do alone.

That makes me feel so good.

I even did a pretty intense little weight training workout before my nail appointment tonight. Short but left me feeling it.

As for my nails… they are so brittle and short right now it makes me sad. But I can’t be sad because my nail polish color is happi.