Welcome 2020

Oh, God. I gained five pounds (and when you’re on the small side like me, five pounds is a lot). It’s cookie and alcohol and greasy food weight. It’s not going to the gym weight. It’s stress weight.

But the actual New Year Celebration was nice. I went to a local pub/pizzeria with someone I hope I can now call a friend. Apparently a large group of them (maybe connected from high school) just know to go to this pub on New Year’s Eve. Really informal but really comfortable and welcoming.

I drank more than I usually do, and was pleasantly surprised that I can still hold my booze. For most of the night I was drinking Fireball and diet. (See above note about being small.)

Yesterday the teen and I played Uno and ate too many of those cookies. I love UNO and I’m pretty good at it.

The teen and I even went to the gym today. We did primarily weights, but we went, I hit hard.

And perhaps one day soon I’ll open up about my adventures with Tinder and now apparently Facebook has a dating arm.

Interesting. I had a conversation with someone about the prospect of dating. I know I’m going to be extremely picky and have a lot of rules. So maybe I should focus on a basic social life and strengthening my emotional fortitude.

I think it’s going to be a wild winter.

Destiny USA: Carousel & near miss

We stopped at Destiny USA, which I’m told is the sixth largest mall in America, for lunch. The options were plentiful, but we were on a tight time frame and some restaurants had wait times.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have ridden the carousel first, but how could we resist?

It was a great carousel. 

We decided on Uno for lunch and we told our server we had to be outside in 45 minutes, by 3:30. The server assured us it would be no problem. The food came out, after we inquired about it, at 3:20. I put my burger, broccoli and mac and cheese into a to-go box and ate it on the bus.

And when I finished we were still waiting for 4 more of our group. It’s 3:49 and no sign of them yet.

But the carousel was amazing, $1 per ride. 

Just found the missing people. They also ate at Uno.