Boogie Woogie Bugle Girl

Since we were staying so close to Petersburg Battlefield, we thought we’d run over and experience some Civil War history before we left town.

If I remember tonight, I will upload a photo gallery. Very. Cool. Place.

The visitors center wasn’t open. We arrived too early in the morning. But the National Park is gorgeous. Sadly, we found a gazillion mosquitoes. So by 9 am I was already providing a hardy breakfast for my insect companions.

The Battlefield has been meticulously groomed to not only preserve the history, but uses tall grass to indicate where various forces stood during battles.

Video of tall grass

The teens fell in love with the cannons. And we had fun wandering around. Then we saw the ranger raise the flag so we went into the visitors center and watched the movie.


The American Civil War is such a sad period in American history. The aggression among own our people. The race issue. The slavery issue. Our own people tearing our nation apart, destroying ourselves and our resources.

The battles in Petersburg were pivotal to the end of the Civil War, and some of the strategy involved were amazing. During the Battle of the Crater, the Northern Forces dug a tunnel under the Southern camp and filled it with something like 8000 pounds of gunpowder.

The resulting explosion was the 19th century version of a nuclear mushroom cloud.

And the men ran into the deep fiery crater to fight. Might be worth googling. Amazing story.

And then my daughter found a bugle in the gift shop.

She’s wanted a bugle for years.

A real brass Calvary bugle.

So she used her birthday money to buy it.

Hitting the Road Day 2

So this post is going to be a bit all over the place, loosely talking about our early morning before a second post will address the Civil War.

It’s day two of our crazy road trip from Pennsylvania to Georgia with two teenage girls. Day one we covered Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

We used the app Hotel Tonight to find a cheap hotel room in Hopewell, Va., three miles away from Petersburg National Battlefield.

It was a basic room in a Quality Inn motel with a very friendly staff. $59/night even with the taxes. My daughter loves hotels and motels even when they are extremely basic. She walks in proclaiming instantly, “I love this place!” Every. Single. Time.

I gave the teens their craft boxes.

We checked in at 9 pm and checked out at 8 am.

And after our continental breakfast with coffee I did not enjoy, we headed out into what was billed to be a 95 degree day ahead.

But we had given the girls whoopee cushions so the whoopee games begin…