Meet Zoot. She’s my life advisor, also known as my old grouchy cat. When they termed the word “crotchety,” they had her in mind. She’s been my companion for nearly 15 years. 

As Zoot can tell you, I am a complicated person. She will also say I am difficult because I did not share my tapioca pudding or my turkey at dinner last night.

But the reality is, I have many interests, many commitments and a part-time job at my local Target.

I am also hoping to pursue some of my neglected interests this year (fiction writing, translation, photography). If you’d like more on my literary endeavors, here is the place to look:


I wrote last week about starting a new novel and the importance of the right start. Before that I was working on a review of Robert Root’s memoir Happenstance for Hippocampus (online) magazine.

If you’d like something yummier, I made a scrumptious simplified version of lamb vindaloo. Recipe available here:


And if you merely want more photos of cats (or food), I encourage you to look me up on Instagram: angelackerman.


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