Short trip update





It’s the eve before the start of the big trip– Baltimore to DC to Paris to Djibouti to Yemen and home but this time coming home via Amtrak from DC to Philly.

My cast came off yesterday but my fifth metacarpal on my right hand is still broken. For travel, the doctor put me in a wrist brace 24/7 with instructions not to use my hand.

Boo! I wasn’t expecting to go bowling but I thought I could have some function.

I am packed. I got a haircut today and played with tying my hijab one-handed.

I usually travel with my mother-in-law’s Nikon Coolpix S3000. It’s a thin camera with a rechargeable battery. The poor thing won’t turn on. She bought me the L26 hoping it would match hers but it doesn’t– it takes double A batteries which makes it too fat to fit in a pocket and the flash takes forever to charge. My girlfriend lent me her S5200 which is thicker than the S3000 but smaller than mine.

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