Almost there check-in

Good morning. It’s Thursday morning as I write this. I have hit more than 100% at work all week. I’m exhausted and behind at chores at home which appears to be my natural state these days. On top of that, we have no caffeinated beverages in our breakroom at work due to a countertop upgrade. I think we’re all about to mutiny.

Yesterday, The Teenager did a Dunkin run for our lunch break and made me and several of my friends very happy. Today, we all pledged to bring Thermoses.

I called my podiatrist on Monday and left a message with his answering service. According to the service, they should have returned to the office Tuesday afternoon, but I have not received a call.

I have been experimenting with shoes and toe arrangements. This had yielded less pain in my foot. I have found using the toe separator between my big toe and the next toe and taping both toes together has decreased the workload of the troublesome toe. My data might be too preliminary.

The pain from the neuroma only acts up about twice a day now. When exactly depends on which shoes I wear. And what type of pain the rest of my body experiences also connects to the shoes. Do I want generic foot pain? Hip pain?

Big Butch officially releases tomorrow. The print copies have left the printer, Amazon (and probably Barnes & Noble) will accept preorders, and the ebook is live on Kindle.

My diet has been a mix of trash and veganism, thereby counteracting the recent weight loss I had when I initiated eliminating potentially inflammatory foods from my diet.

This weekend I hope to edit the Parisian Phoenix website and take kittens/cats to the adoption meet-and-greet, while the Teenager works on the downstairs bathroom project.

Tomorrow is my big appointment with my absolutely amazing neurologist/physiatrist where she will fill out my official work accommodations form. Speaking of which, the hospital just billed me a second time for the intermittent leave paperwork I asked her to file.

And I still haven’t rescheduled last week’s chiropractor appointment.

Oh… and the Teen got a fix yesterday. Unboxing here.

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