Photo: The Magic of Cape May

November, 2006.

My husband and I traveled to Cape May, N.J., for our first vacation that didn’t involve staying in the home of a friend or relative since the birth of our daughter.

The weather had turned cold, so we bought her the hat she’s wearing. Plus a frog raincoat. She refused to take either off for the duration of our trip. This photo summarizes the fantastic adventure.

The sun. The sand. The child’s fascination with touching and exploring. She called the Victorian where we stayed “The Fancy House.” We took her to an arcade and played Skeeball and encouraged her to play a game where she danced on the blinking lights. Her prizes? Some dinky vampire teeth and a finger trap.

A man saw us together on the beach, as the wind whipped us around. He offered to take a family portrait. I displayed it in the living room for years.

Our daughter in the sand at Cape May.

Our daughter in the sand at Cape May.

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