Time to Go for a Walk

After breaking my hand last winter in the midst of a multi-year gradual weight gain, I embarked on a fitness journey late June 2014. 

Some of the changes in my lifestyle (dedication to at-home weight training) stemmed from personal need– I had no strength in my right hand after my injury and favored the left side of my body. 

But some, like bike riding, came from the people in my life. Give a ten-year-old a bike and that child can run you into exhaustion. Two people heavily influenced my dedication to walking.

I work retail and walk about a mile an hour. I really don’t need any more steps. My friend Gayle walks all kinds of places and she has inspired me to use the car less. I have a goal in life to live somewhere that doesn’t require a car. My husband hopes that will be in an urban American environment and not some hut in a developing region in Africa.

The other inspiration for my walking efforts is my traveling companion, M. He is tall. I am short and have even shorter legs. His stride is way longer than mine so when we travel I have to work hard to keep up with him.

We leave for Russia in less than four weeks. More about that later.

Gayle has a walking blog and she posted this a couple weeks ago: National Walking Day. To celebrate, I decided to walk to do my morning errands. I clocked almost 2.5 miles and got the opportunity to reflect on how sadly “unwalkable” many areas are.

I live in a town attached to the city that happens to be the county seat. I walked a half mile down the main street that serves both municipalities. This street passes into a third municipality and intersects another main road in a commercial area. The sidewalk ends for about a block in front of a now empty factory (where I’m sure many employees had to use the bus). 

The sidewalk resumes under the major highway, but you have to cross the entrance ramp for said highway to reach the commercial plaza where I was headed. I needed to have my photo taken for my new drivers license.

There’s always that one guy who never uses his blinker and almost runs you over. Because there’s no light, only a yield.

But I made it.


That’s an insanely boring picture, I know. It was 30-something and the center/DMV had two minutes before it opened. 



I took my place in line. I was #3 for photos. Took about ten minutes.


I rewarded myself with an egg sandwich and bought the family a dozen bagels. 


The whole adventure took about an hour and fifteen minutes. 

2 thoughts on “Time to Go for a Walk

  1. I also like to walk and do errands. It feels more like you’ve accomplished things other than just walking. I wished we lived closer. You’d get me off my butt when I don’t want to go. Sadly, once I pull myself out of the chair and just start I go for hours. Like the energizer bunny with a backpack full of batteries.

    I will add this post to mine for national walking day. If your readers want to be my readers, join me at gfhendricks.blogspot.com. Lots of walking and a fitness adventure or three.


    PS, I hope you don’t end up in a hut in Africa either.


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