The adventure begins: Russia 2015

If you don’t already know, my spring vacation is a jaunt to Paris, Moscow and Novoibirsk in Siberia. It came about, in part, because I follow PizzasInIzza on Instagram. The pizza looked so good I have to try it.

On Tuesday, my traveling companion M ran the website through Google translate so he could pick his pizza. We discovered the pizzeria is delivery only and verified it with some friends who can read Russian.

I contacted the folks at PizzasInIzza (via Instagram) and they apparently speak English (or at least more English than my pitiful Russian). Someone responded to me and invited us to see how they make pizza.

I packed a quick suitcase on Wednesday before my grandfather’s funeral.

I worked Friday and yesterday I had one of those “let’s have a nice family day” days that ends in everyone getting on everyone else’s nerves. Luckily we solved our differences with a hike to a rocky outlook over the Delaware River and soft ice cream.

This morning we headed to the train station and encountered no traffic, no wrong turns, even no issues parking. 

We bought some watermelon for my daughter and the green juice that got left at home… For me. A friend swears by it for his pre-flying ritual.

I write this now from Amtrak’s Northeast Regional train half way between Wilmington DE and Baltimore MD.

Next stop for me: Washington DC

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