Tackylicious South of the Border

Our first stop of the day was the ever Road Trip iconic South of the Border.

The teens, at first, had two different reactions. The younger teen thought this looked like the best place ever, while the older had her reservations. This looked tacky and silly seemed to be the consensus. They were both correct, had a great time, and they are supposed to be sending good-old-fashioned post cards.

Among the silly statues, we also visited the arcade (and I didn’t tell the girls but I would have loved to play some skeeball) and took the elevator to the top of the sombrero. Gayle was totally disappointed that we weren’t allowed to climb the stairs.

The Pedro Mart had a very impressive selection of snacks, candy and RV supplies despite the half empty building. The most flavors and varieties of nuts I have ever seen in one place. And you have the classic pork skins. And at the various other shops you can find every tasteless souvenir in the universe.



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