As March departs…


It’s been on my to do list since the beginning of the year. I spent 15 years in journalism. I wrote weekly columns and editorials for years.

Yet it’s so hard to carve out a little time to blog.

Opie, our 8-year-old cat who recently had his leg amputated, (as opposed to Oz, our 8-year-old cat who somehow got half his nose pecked off by one of my parakeets) received his biopsy results yesterday.

He did indeed lose his leg to a rare type of kitty cat bone cancer.

His surgery was three weeks ago tomorrow. He is doing great, though he hasn’t mastered his balance yet for more intricate maneuvers.

Poor Opie:

I have been on vacation since Saturday, but I haven’t rested much. I’ve done a lot of laundry. Taken the teenager to three doctors (and podiatrist next week!) Got a very nice $8 haircut at Great Clips. Did grocery shopping. Made some amazing dinners.

And joined a(nother) gym. Say what????

Is she back on her let’s get physical and buff kick?

Angel is.

And she hopes to take the teenager with her.

That will be the next post!

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