The living room updated

The living room was once our dining room. Our old couch is now on the sun porch.

The new couch came from, thanks to a Black Friday online sale, and the teenager assembled it.

I got home from work as the teenager walked home from school and we both found a giant, 100-lb box on the lawn as it started to rain.

Unboxing the Couch

It’s an emerald green Chesterfield love seat. My daughter finds it obnoxious but I like bold touches.

The painting continued and still isn’t quite done. The couch, as the reviews suggested is very low and rather deep, but some pillows made it very cozy.

And finally we got the room done enough to serve as a backdrop for our holiday tree trimming party.

Although I still don’t seem to have a good photo of the chalkboard accent wall.

The teen has done a great job with the painting and helping me tone down my bold leanings.