First days with wild kitten

Day 1, 8 pm: Teenager releases what appears to be freshly weaned feral kitten onto our sun porch. It literally ricochets across and into the walls.

Day 2, 8 am: Oz, our big dumb cat, is terrified of the kitten who is sitting on the windowsill between the porch and the dining room.

9:30 am: kitten stares at us with mistrust and screams.

Screaming kitten with dust on his face

Around 11 am: kitten falls asleep under the ottoman.

10 pm: teenager wants to sleep on porch.

Day 3, 7 am: No teenager on porch, porch slightly in disarray.

8 am: kitten is crying and still hiding under the ottoman. Food is severely decimated so he/she is eating. I hope the teenager can gain his trust and get him/her into the house. The sunporch is technically heated but still cold.

During the day: teenager says Opie keeps trying to come investigate kitten.

5 pm: teenager dragged me to see Cats again.

7:30 pm: Oz is terrified of kitten.

Oz discovers a kitten

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