Did that bird just scream “Mommy”?

Similar to my Roomba, cockatoos share a lot of traits with toddlers. They are cute, can be needy, can learn adorable behaviors that keep you from killing them, are cuddly and can throw tantrums.

I knew all this going in.

And I also knew Nala bites and that Nala doesn’t like to step up.

Nala seems to have trust issues.

The first day I had her, I had to towel her (gently) to get her in her cage and I never covered her head. That way she could see what I was doing.

The second day, she bit me twice while I put her in her cage at night but I didn’t have to towel her.

And she’s starting to step up. Now she runs right up my shoulder. Which is still not truly stepping up. But she will reach out and take my hand and stand on it.

She has also discovered that I often leave the room after I ask her to step up and if she doesn’t step up, she doesn’t get to come.

First night I had her, I had to cover her cage to get her to settle. Last night, she went to sleep before I even turned the lights out. Now something startled her awake, but when I turned out the light she didn’t make a peep.

But the one thing I am wondering, she doesn’t scream when left alone but she will periodically call out. And I think she’s saying, “Mommy.”

Maybe I’m crazy.

But has this bird been looking for a maternal type?

See what you think, check out this YouTube video:


4 thoughts on “Did that bird just scream “Mommy”?

    1. It breaks my heart. Makes me wonder her story.
      She sat in my room today for almost nine hours while I was at work. I thought she’d be happy to see me, but she was a tad reserved. I left Hulu on for her and she has the parakeets for company. But she was hungry and cranky when I got home.

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      1. Yes, poor baby. Although – I think of it as a sign that she’s really bonded with you, which would mean that she’ll eventually know that you’re going to come back. Theoretically. Not that I know anything at all about bird psychology. Yeah. That’s a different perspective. Now I’m sad too. 💜💜


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