Pre-work week routine

This post will be published at 9 a.m. Monday morning. I wrote it while resting for a moment, cockatoo on my chest, cat leaning into my belly and budgies still swirling overhead.

A lot of my weekend is spent doing laundry and cleaning house. I do laundry every day because we don’t have a dryer and I have to hang my wash on my heated drying rack.

And if the mood swings, I do some meal planning and food prep. I haven’t dealt with lunches yet, but I did make some fruit and yogurt parfaits.

At some point every Sunday I put whatever clean laundry away and choose five outfits for the week and line them up on the left side of my closet.

My entire wardrobe is tucked away in that closet. The things that hang on the right and behind my outfits on the left I have some organizational cubbies and crates. One crate for various t-shirts and tank tops and thin sweatshirts. Another for pants. My cubbies… I believe I have five: underwear/bras, socks/hose, gym clothes, pajamas and other bulky things.

When I run out of room, I purge. That can be hard but it’s also a good exercise in not hanging on to things you don’t wear.

My stepmom got me three new dresses for Christmas. My favorite one ripped in the washer. I was very upset as she usually buys clothes from stores like Macy’s or Dunkelberger’s. I was hoping she hadn’t spent too much money.

Turns out those dresses were from JC Penney as were some blouses that didn’t hold up well.

It reminds me of a recent interview I heard with the author of Second Hand. He was talking about how their is no real second hand trade left in the United States anymore because we buy such poorly made, cheap crap.

6 thoughts on “Pre-work week routine

    1. Thanks. When my husband asked me to move out of our bedroom, it forced me to decide what stuff I really wanted and how I wanted to maximize my room. My room is a very peaceful place for me now, but I can’t let chores fall too much out of routine or it gets messy.

      As for laundry, without a dryer I need to be organized. And I don’t usually mind doing wash and hanging it and putting it in my closet. I find it meditative.

      Selecting my outfits in advance comes from being fairly useless in the early morning.

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      1. Well, I get that. And I do remember the pleasure of having a bedroom to myself. And the rest of it – ok, sounds like it’s a system that works for you. Being a morning person myself, I’m ok with waiting to decide. Plus, I dress according to mood a lot. Hard to know exactly what the mood will dictate until I’m there. So I’m still impressed.


      2. I am a morning person as of 7 a.m. but I get up at 5:30 soooo… and I am very picky about my wardrobe so if I wait until morning I waste 20 minutes every morning. I’m insane.
        So now Sunday afternoon, I check the weather and my calendar and decide what to wear.
        Tomorrow I’m wearing my favorite sweater, a favorite polka dot dress and my absolute favorite seamed stockings also with polka dots.
        Wednesday I am wearing my red skirt with the black overlay and the black sequin dragon.
        And Thursday, Thursday I am meeting a very major donor. So I’m breaking out the custom tailored Brooks Brothers navy blue pinstripe suit.

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      3. No, I can see that. In fairness, I planned ahead much more back in the day when I was working for a non-profit and working out of an office. But I still would sometimes change 3 or 4 times in the morning, and my room would “look like a clothes bomb went off in here!” Wearing favorite anything is fun, and I kind of want a red skirt with a black sequin dragon. I didn’t own a Brooks Brother navy blue pinstripe suit though, not even in my most corporate moments of careers. I was often more of the “colorful long flowing garment over tight black pants or straight leg jeans: type


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