Sunday Funday paperwork

Day 2 of my Washington DC mini break.

I slept so well that when I woke I had forgotten I wasn’t at home. M had a glass of water and a clean coffee cup waiting for me when I emerged from the bathroom. Then, as is custom, we chatted for a couple hours

PJ and Princess

I brought my other traveling companion with me, many of you may remember PJ the bear. He brought his girlfriend, Princess.

So while PJ and Princess are lounging in bed, doing whatever naughty bears do, M tackled some of his upcoming travel arrangements and I filed not just federal but ALL my taxes.

I win adulting for the day.

I rewarded myself with the oatmeal cookie M bought me last night at the 7-eleven. Which turned out to be a very tasty cookie.

Poached eggs with the hottest sauce ever

So now that our big adulting tasks arrived done, M has made the perfect poached eggs and offered me some killer hot sauce.

Death by Wings

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