I like numbers

I’ve always liked patterns of numbers. It’s one of the things that M shares with me. M is my good, good friend and traveling companion (for treks through Russia and Africa—let me go find some links. This web site was originally my professional portfolio, then a place to post travel tales and now a blog.)

But numbers.

I always check the mileage on the car. Like I can tell you from the top of my head that my 2015 Jetta has about 30,010 miles on it.

It was on 29,999 miles a few weeks ago and I was so happy when I returned to the garage and that made me happy.

But this did not make me happy:

Notification Bubbles

My daughter downloaded her email on my iPad and left me with this. More than 1,000 unread messages. I can’t live with red notifications. Let alone one that reads 1,034.

I turned off the notification.

But yesterday something amazing happened— I received my expense payment from work and it was $70.62. My balance in my grocery/fun money account was $4.38.

Which means my current balance is $75. I might never buy anything with that account again! 75 is 3 x 25. 25 has a square root of 5. 5 and 3 are both prime. And then you have a progression of 3, 5, 7.

M has Aspergers so his mind works very mathematically. I don’t know what my story is.

Soothing $75

Some old travel pieces:

Going to Siberia for Pizza

My photos from Tunisia

Camel farm in Somalia

My time in Yemen

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