Quest for the Lighthearted (after some BIG questions)

It’s still a pandemic, and I know it’s hard.

My neighbor and I were having a discussion about what it means to be light-hearted and if it can be learned. It fits into our previous discussions about achieving our best selves.

So to spread some lighthearted good will into the world I am going to share some lighthearted statements.

But first let me remind you— that in the midst of this frivolity— we are still in the midst of an important dialogue. It’s a lot of different dialogues all rolled into one:

  1. How do we change the racial injustices and judgments that occur in our society?
  2. How do we apply those lessons to other marginalized “other” groups?
  3. How do we revive impartial journalism or do we work toward being clearer about the bias and special interests? (And when did it become okay for journalists to be physically attacked in the line of duty?)
  4. How do we improve and equalize healthcare for all members of society? I just finished paying off a $600 diagnostic breast ultrasound only to find out I owe $1,200 on a dental crown.
  5. How much responsibility should the government have for the economy? For the basic needs of the people? For equal education?
  6. When will we stop obsessing about test scores and teach our children critical thinking?

Because, you see my friends, if we truly want to fix the system we need to educate the children, our neighbors, our friends, our parents… everyone… in a way that encourages free thought instead of indoctrination.

Because we have been molded in the eyes of patriarchy’s very white, elite traditions.

And how many of us are old white men with money?


  • I love kittens. The teenager and I have decided that the kittens in our home are the offspring of Stray Momma, a white American shorthair cat with gray spots (whom we ‘met’), and someone’s purebred Russian Blue.
  • I made sun tea. But a funky batch with green tea, raw honey, fresh ginger and mint from my garden.
  • The teenager has been very into arts and crafts. She made stickers!!!
  • Siggi’s is my new favorite yogurt.

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