The odd pepper

The teenager planted primarily an herb garden this year though we have a huge red tomato currently in the fridge and a good size eggplant still in the yard.

A pepper also seemed to have reached its peak size. I grabbed it and the tomato and set them on the railing of our deck while I hung the rest of the wash.

I forgot them— so by the time I retrieved them they were hot. The pepper had burned on one side and smelled fiercely like a jalapeño.

I thought the teenager had planted red bell peppers.

I went to show it to her later and realized that it had the characteristics of a bell pepper and the shape of a jalapeño.

So we all ate some.

The teenager said it tasted like a jalapeño but was sweet like a bell pepper.

I thought it tasted like a bell pepper with a kick.

Her dad had some, but I can’t remember what he said.

We all agreed that we have no idea what we are growing.

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