Birdie baby mama drama

Today we had some baby mama drama in the bird cage.

Too many things happened at once to understand for certain what went down but here’s my best take:

I dropped Nala’s food bucket and spilled a pile of cockatoo/parrot food. As any of you that has a bird feeder may realize, bird food is not cheap. Imagine having a large bird that tends to discard more of her dish than she eats…

I picked it up and put it back the best I could and ran the vacuum. But I think I ran the vacuum when Mama Wink had left her nest for food, a quick fly and some attention from Papa Yo.

My other female decided to babysit but she wouldn’t let Mama or Papa back in the nest.

Now at this time I couldn’t tell if Boo was trying to protect Wink’s babies or steal them or hurt them. Video: Sunday morning chaos

So I set up the small parakeet cage and wanted to separate Boo from the family. But she wouldn’t cooperate. They were all fighting so badly I was able to take the coconut shell of babies.

Parakeet chicks

I was able to keep Wink to the side of the main cage and allow her to get into coconut at which point I moved the whole coconut and Mama into the small cage. I had to leave for an appointment.

When I returned home, the teenager and I put the coconut and mama back in the big cage and tried to get Boo into the little cage.

As a consequence I got to see Mama bird spread her wing over her babies to protect them. My heart melted.

Boo is how free flying because she’s too stubborn to get in the small cage. But Mama and Papa seem much calmer.

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