Never underestimate your impact

Last night at about midnight, I received an unexpected post on my Facebook wall.

Happy New Year, Angel. You have done great things this year despite a million obstacles. And yet you always strive to do more… taking care of so many.”

I don’t want to say I was feeling down last night when I received this message, but I was thinking about past relationships and memories as many people do. So this brought tears to my eyes.

I didn’t set out to do any of the things I did in 2020, but I merely reacted to the situations in my path. I think the moral of this post, if it has one, is if you are thinking of someone or have something kind to say do it. Don’t wait.

This particular shout from the dark, so to speak, came from a college peer. A young woman from Brooklyn who wore clogs and drove a Jeep and blasted The Beastie Boys. Someone pretty and jovial and a little loud. I admired her, and her boldness, and her social life (which is something I didn’t have at that age, my insecurities were so raw).

And I look at her now, and she’s still beautiful and she has equally beautiful children, one of whom is an amazing gymnast.

I don’t know much about her life. She posts about her pride in her family. And I have a feeling she’s a really great mom.

We’ve all matured a lot since the mid-nineties at Moravian College, and it’s super cool that Facebook allows us to spy on each other when life would have separated us. That counts for everyone on South Campus at that time.

So thank you for starting my year with happy memories and high hopes.

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