The Necklace Issue

Sometimes, little incidents can play with the human mind.

This week has not been easy, but we all have days or periods of time where the universe doesn’t feel right.

I’ve been having an issue lately with my necklaces. And amid some changes in routine, some struggles at work and a lack of being able to “nail” exactly what is wrong with my body and how to fix it… life often feels harder than it needs to be.

I have a really beautiful necklace with my birthstone that a friend gave me, but the clasp bent thanks to a tug from my Goffin’s cockatoo. I bought a whole bunch of consignment necklaces from our favorite store, The Attic, in Bethlehem. I wore them so much some of them broke on their own and others became fodder for the beak of the cockatoo.

I ordered a Taurus necklace from Dolls Kill and it never arrived. I ordered some other cheap necklaces and liked some perhaps more than others.

Most of my favorites are in some sort of disrepair right now.

So I ordered another necklace from Dolls Kill, this one from the clearance section, and I loved it. Thin gold and silver alternating circles.

But I put it on before taking the dog for a walk and it fell off. I didn’t notice until I got home.

The next day, teenager #2 said she might have seen it in the street.

I found it in the middle of the intersection in front of our house, smashed to bits.

I’m getting discouraged on this cusp of winter/spring that maybe I shall never wear anything nice again. I work in a warehouse, gained 20 pounds thanks to the stress eating associated with my last job, and with all the fear and guidelines associated with Coronavirus… I wonder if I will ever enjoy something pretty again.

The pretty things bring sparkle to an otherwise dull day.

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