Lessons in Mindful Self Compassion, part two: Core Values

This won’t be a long entry, and I didn’t get a chance to review my notes on my seminar yesterday. You see, I was up until nearly 4 a.m. tending to Louise the Foster Cat who suddenly decided she needed to explore the closet and making multiple trips to the bathroom since I drank about 24 ounces of water on the way home from work.

One of the concepts we discussed in our Mindful Self-Compassion seminar was discovering our personal core values.

I haven’t really considered core values since I attended an EOS management training through ProJeCt of Easton.

The point of core values on the personal level is to identify what is key to your own self and live according to those priorities. The example facilitator Vira gave was “spending time in nature.”

So what are my core values?

Let’s just consider some ideas:

  • To embrace new experiences and new ideas and keep expanding my horizons.
  • To express myself in words and sometimes other arts as well. Finish my recent publishing project and write more novels.
  • To gain new knowledge, pursue education and share information with others.
  • To engage in my animist pagan spirituality, practice yoga and meditation, exercise and hopefully someday resume bodybuilding efforts. I consider all of these part of my spirituality. I want to strengthen my abilities as a witch.
  • To travel more, but not as a tourist. See places as the people who live there do.
  • To eat well.
  • To help others in need and give back to the world. For me, right now, this primarily means my work for cats with Feline Urban Rescue and Rehab, hopefully guiding teenager #2 into independence and my work with local non-profits including my public library and ASPIRE to Autonomy.

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