Silk & Sonder wellness planner: “mid month” update

This is (kinda) my first full month with a Silk & Sonder planner. I say “kinda” because it arrived a week into the month.

But I realized today, that even if some of my prompts are empty, and even if I stare at the same exercise day after day, that I am still performing the reflection actively and being present for/in myself.

The new July planner is, according to a tracking email I got this morning, out for delivery today. This is very exciting as I feel like now I can perhaps slowly ease into the upcoming them and actually use the planner as a planner.

I’ve experimented with various ways to log what’s important to me and honestly I still struggle with “what should be where.” I can’t determine what should be on my monthly habit tracker versus my weekly goal tracker.

I have quasi-decided that my monthly habit tracker reinforces habits I have established and the weekly goal tracker helps me tackle specific projects or establishing/renewing habits.

The other “problem” I have is using the weekly health planner— it’s been blank each planner I have received. I don’t meditate, never have and don’t intend to. I haven’t reliably reconnected with flossing. I haven’t lifted a dumbbell in months. Once upon a time I did yoga…

But that also brings up the idea of how many times can you list something as a goal and/or put it on the tracker and not do it at all.

This is indeed a journey.


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2 thoughts on “Silk & Sonder wellness planner: “mid month” update

  1. I have crossed paths with a number of journaling methods and tools over the years; some were my own choice and others were chosen by my employer at the time. Those were ones guaranteed to make me nuts. I especially remember – and not so fondly – the Franklin Planner that was my boat anchor during my six months at Apple Computer, back in the early 90s. Because my handwriting is big, I made the mistake of picking the larger version (10″ x 12″) – by the time you filled it with all the prerequisite pages and documents, it weighed a ton. A page for everything, including a monthly, weekly, and daily schedule! Goal pages galore.

    Lately, my photographs are the closest I come to a journal. They’re organized strictly by date, and my Flickr page serves as a simple index. With that and a calendar on my phone/pad, etc., I’m happier than I’ve ever been. 🙂


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