Cover reveal: Courting Apparitions, volume two of the Fashion and Fiends series, sequel to Manipulations

Hello, my regular readers.
I have a health update for everyone and I hope to type that later today, but for now: Here is yesterday’s post from Parisian Phoenix Publishing.

Parisian Phoenix Publishing

Greetings, Readers!

Our Art Director Gayle Hendricks has officially revealed the cover to Courting Apparitions, the second book in the Fashion and Fiends series and sequel to Manipulations.

(Speaking of Manipulations, our carton of books in anticipation of the upcoming Third Annual Easton Book Festival arrived today and Angel Ackerman and the family dog hosted an unboxing. See it here.)

Gayle did not use stock photos or art for the cover but built a poppet herself and shot it in the university photo lab.

We ran a poll on LinkedIn to ask whether people preferred the poppet with or without the necklace. No results yet.

Turns out, the denim fabric of the doll’s body came from the discarded jeans of a mutual friend’s brother. Or, so her Facebook page declares.

The book will be released in late November, so if the first book left you wanting more…

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