A Thanksgiving Romp through Parisian Phoenix Updates

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Parisian Phoenix Publishing

It’s a quiet, crisp and very sunny Thursday morning, a particular Thursday morning known here in the United States as Thanksgiving, a holiday with some controversial history. Does the holiday celebrate the survival of the colonial settlers? Does it glorify the annihilation of the indigenous population? Was it merely an attempt to unite battling political attitudes after the Civil War? Or does it aptly highlight our national tendencies toward gluttony? Or perhaps an opportunity to really consider the concept of “First World Problems”?

Regardless, to lighten the mood… Let’s take a moment to load up Spotify and listen to the closest thing (at least in our book) to a Thanksgiving carol: Arlo Gunthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant.

On a personal note, Parisian Phoenix has quite the gratitude list for this particular Thanksgiving. We launched this publishing company in September and while we only have two novels by Angel Ackerman available right…

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