Marginalized Identities, Disability and Vulnerability

Thank you to Joan.

Parisian Phoenix Publishing

Greetings friends, writers and readers!

It’s the first Saturday in December and Christmas is three weeks away. It’s crisp. It’s sunny. Chanukah is coming to a close. The winter solstice approaches.

Today, photographer Joan Zachary took a walk with Parisian Phoenix authors Angel Ackerman and Eva Parry at the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton, Pa.

Yesterday was World Disability Day, or in perhaps more politically correct terms, International Day of Persons with Disabilities. What does such a day provide? Awareness? Recognition of the struggle those with disabilities have? Acknowledgment that many people with disabilities lead productive, meaningful lives?

Several staff members here at Parisian Phoenix Publishing Company have disabilities. And those writers talk about their disabilities in our upcoming anthology, Not an Able-Bodied White Man with Money. The anthology also presents nonfiction, art and poetry talking about weight, body image, neurodivergence, religion, sexuality, race and ethnicity among other topics.

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3 thoughts on “Marginalized Identities, Disability and Vulnerability

    1. I’m not sure what kind of labyrinth it is. It just happens to be a fascinating trail in an urban setting that gave us a lot of places to work. The labyrinth is one of my favorite places for meditation. Right next to it is the tai chi park

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      1. WOW, how awesome Angel. πŸ₯° Sounds like you had a refreshing time, and a tranquil space for spiritual meditation and reflection. Good for you! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’–πŸ¦‹πŸ™πŸΌ Take care and stay well.

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