Wednesday is the new Friday and the Rogue Employees that Sit

Greetings, kind readers (and the surly readers, too)! We did it. I heard one of our second shift process leads refer to use as “weekend warriors” and the first batch of weekend warriors has left the building.

Working four days of ten hour shifts in some ways felt easier than the traditional eight hour work day, at least for me. The longer breaks and the staggered arrangement of those breaks mimicked the work arrangement we were already used to at Stitch Fix.

I am not currently making my numbers in my home department of QC but I think I am maintaining my current performance percentage from before the change.

Today was bingo day. They periodically called bingo numbers over the warehouse speakers. I did not win.

The monumental swing of getting up at 5 a.m. has been brutal, and I am looking forward to sleeping until 7 a.m. tomorrow.

The teenager took her dad grocery shopping as the insurance adjuster declared his car totaled after Sunday’s accident.

So I asked him to stop and pick up a bottle of special whiskey that I preordered from County Seat Spirits.

But back to work… We expected the transition to first shift to have some wrinkles, but my roster (and yes me among them) seems to have made a most egregious gaffe.

We had a meeting with one roster from second shift and two rosters from day shift in the main cafeteria at 9:15 a.m. Most of our roster entered the room together and we arrived quasi-first so we did what we would normally do at a meeting in the main break room.

We sat down.

The day shift representatives came in and stared and whispered. They asked, “Can we sit down?” No one answered them. No one sat down. No one said anything to us.

After the meeting, our process lead visited us one by one and told us we cannot sit during meetings because then the cleaning crew would have to clean the tables. (Part of the company’s Covid precautions.)

Many of our day shift partners murmured about our rebellion all day.

One day shift person came over to me, as if she needed to play the role of peacekeeper, and told me she told her peers that we did things differently. That we’re more laid back.

All because we sat down.

Apparently a rebellion.

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