Highlighting the rawness of motherhood

I realized last night as I was wrapping up line edits for the next book in the Fashion and Fiends series, that while I knew the book had strong themes about the intersection of feminism, female sexuality and culture, I had forgotten how raw and real the book’s depiction of first-time motherhood felt. So, I blogged about it.

Parisian Phoenix Publishing

Here at Parisian Phoenix, we have three books hopefully going to press within the next 60 days.

Last night, I finished the (hopefully) final line edit of Recovery, the third volume of the Fashion and Fiends series.

In case you missed the first two volumes:

Book One is Manipulations, where a 400-year-old fire made stalks and seduces a supermodel for her water magick. It’s a blend of horror fiction and fashion rich chick lit, with strong paranormal romance elements.

If you forgive my academic nature, Manipulations uses the supernatural as a metaphor for domestic violence and that theme brings the novel to some dark places.

Order Manipulations here. (You can also use Barnes & Noble.com, Target.com, Bookshop.org, etc.)

Book Two is Courting Apparitions, a ghost story. This novel looks at grief & depression and their effects on relationships. Order Courting Apparitions here.

I try to write…

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