does size matter?

Thursdays are my catch up days for work at my little publishing company, Parisian Phoenix. Today, the art director surprised me with this blog post about paperback book size.

Despite being concerned about what the small size will do to the cost of the book, smaller book means more pages, I am legitimately super excited that we are experimenting with reviving the classic pocket guilty paperback.

Parisian Phoenix Publishing

Manipulations is 6×9, whereas The Little Prince is the classic 4×7

I’m old. I’ll admit that. Growing up in South Bethlehem we walked to the library at Webster and 4th street for books. Later, when we were older, we’d head over the “New Street” bridge and go to the big library. Or the AAUW book sale on bag day. I can still pack a paper bag with books and not have it rip! Our parents would have been broke if we didn’t.

The library mostly had hardback books. They were big and heavy carrying them the mile and a half home. The huge joy came when we were allowed to take our carefully saved money and go “up”-town to the Moravian Book Store (“Down”-town was 3rd Street. Now it’s all downtown.) Or even better when we got to go to the Waldenbooks in the Whitehall Mall in the late 60s.

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