I added a raisin to my shoe (again)

So, once again, my body started hurting— of course starting with a burning in my hip.

I had a blog post about this Sunday and Monday I thought I should do something about it.

Logically the appropriate action might be to call the doctor or at least the chiropractor.

But instead I put a raisin smack dab in the middle of the ball of my foot and slapped a band-aid on it.

Because when I had a splinter, and also put a raisin there, all my pain (except for the splinter) dissipated.

That didn’t happen yesterday— instead I ended up in hip and spine and lower back muscle pain.

But I still hit the daily goal at work.

And I felt better this morning thought I was achy and stiff all day.

I worked a full ten-hour shift and made 104% of the daily goal. (168 fixes)

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