Socks pose a threat

Good morning. As you may have seen on the post from the Parisian Phoenix Publishing blog, yesterday got a little crazy with F. Bean Barker needing a quasi-emergency vet appointment for a splintered toenail.

I did some housework, unpacked my Hungryroot box, read some of an old Harlequin and basically hung out with the dog while the teenager worked.

Now, with my cerebral palsy, I have a bit of an aversion to socks and shoes. They are hard to take on and off, and sometimes they make me fall. Just like “Agador Spartacus” in The Birdcage.

The teenager got home from her last dog client of the day around 8:30 p.m. Friday night, so I was happy to head to the shower and get to bed close to my regular work bedtime.

I had on my cute cat socks my neighbor gave me for Christmas which perfectly matched the baby blue sweater which had also been hers.

I had removed all my clothes and only had my socks left, and the shower was running. I slipped my left hand into my sock. It got a little caught around the heel. And oddly, I felt this enormous pop and thought I heard something.

But my sock was still on my foot.

So I swept that off and looked at my finger. Which was a little floppy past the last knuckle.

My finger fully extended

I laughed and hopped in the shower after screaming down the stairs, “I think I dislocated my finger taking off my socks.”

I kept laughing. Stress response. I didn’t even bathe because it became apparent there was something wrong.

Which made me laugh harder because I was removing my socks.

The teenager dragged me to Patient First. I have an official diagnosis of “mallet finger.” And if I chipped the bone I may need surgery.

I emailed my paperwork to my warehouse supervisor— as I can’t go to work until I see a hand specialist. And with the holiday tomorrow, that will need to wait until Monday before I can even find a specialist and make an appointment.

It looks like the prompt splinting of the injury may save me some complications later so here’s hoping.

More on this type of injury.

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