Tuesday night

Today has had its share of disappointments and excitement.

  • The new Little Caesar’s Slices N Stix with Bacon or Jalapeno had unexpected “results” in our household taste test. Even I, the one who normally does not eat meat, preferred the bacon.
  • Performance yesterday at work, 105%. Today, 103%.
  • Warby Parker liked my social media posts, and voted for the “Edna Mode” frames (the Winston). I ordered the red ones, only to discover that one pair is $95, but two pairs are $160. So I added the Louise Blush. They have already sent an email trying to upsell my lenses based on the strength of my prescription, which would add $50 each pair.
  • My PCP’s office has acknowledged the paperwork I sent in, and once the doctor signs it, the person I have been communicating with will fax it to the absence management people. And then I will pick it up, so if the absence management people lose it like they did last time, I can also upload it via the online portal.
  • It’s supposed to snow tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow was my canine therapy evaluation appointment with Susquehanna Service Dogs. They rescheduled due to the weather, so the new date in February 14.

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