Monday morning

It’s early Monday afternoon. I did a lot of work for Parisian Phoenix and made some bad dietary choices– a bag of jelly beans on Sunday afternoon and a Whopper for dinner Saturday night. I don’t know if the incidents are connected, but my blood pressure has been higher than usual and my heart racing in an anxious fashion.

I slept in until almost 7 a.m.– and had a lot of trouble pulling myself out of bed. I just felt exhausted. And I had this cutey to snuggle, foster cat Tripod Louise.

I recently received a get well soon card from my colleagues at Stitch Fix, hopefully the cardiologist will receive the information from the heart monitor I took off Friday and have no reason why I can’t return to work next Monday.

Physical therapy today was challenging. Even with the anti-gravity treadmill, my left foot kept twisting the wrong way. It looks like my hip mobility is improving, but my left hip was tight today.

Also, hand rehab is tomorrow and I can’t bend my pinky enough to get it into the elastic strap I’m supposed to wear.

But here’s a dog photo to make you smile:

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