College Hill Capers, or “A walk with Gayle in the cold, cold air”

I started my day with some blogging before starting the morning round of doctors and my final day with the Zio heart monitor. I left at 8:30 for my chiropractor appointment, which also involves some physical therapy stretching and some balance assessment. With Nicole’s background, she serves an important cog in the wheel to know what she’s seeing and feeling as my body goes through it’s day to day.

But I’ve been feeling physically great, even if the beta blockers leave me prone to crashing and sometimes my blood pressure falling too low, but hey– that’s part of what the heart monitor is all about.

I went to the chiropractor and tried to demonstrate my impressive “trying to walk like a normal person” skills. And Nicole was encouraging. It’s exhausting and requires ridiculous amounts of focus, so I’m hoping it makes a difference to my hip issues and my femoral anteversion.

My chiropractor is just-about next door to the Lafayette College Store, where I needed to pick up some copies of our Not an Able-Bodied White Man with Money anthology that we provided for last night’s Jean Corrie Poetry Reading and Ice Cream Social. You can read about that on the Parisian Phoenix Publishing web site here.

They were having a store meeting when I arrived, so I excused myself to a couch by the store manager’s office to wait for Gayle who wanted one of Maryann Riker’s unique handmade journals. I’m in the middle of Suzanne Mattaboni’s Pencraft award winning novel, Once in a Lifetime so I can safely amuse myself.

They also have some fascinating tile in the bathroom.

When she arrived, we went for a walk around College Hill, which Gayle had not visited since she left her job at Lafayette College circa 2015.

We walked about 4,000 steps and I stumbled three times and caught myself every one. It’s the longest walk I’ve taken since my hospitalization.

And I asked The Teen to evaluate my walking and she immediately said, “Nope. Your left foot is still messed up.”

And I was trying so hard.

Gayle and I then met up with Joan and the guys from Echo City Capers, where we discussed our upcoming events and book launches.

Then I came home and ripped off the Zio monitor, only to realize quite quickly why it itched so badly.

Our long-term foster Minerva is off to a habitat at the Phillipsburg Petco tonight.

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