Growing up

I always wanted a family and I imagined myself surrounded by children, but my life circumstances led to me (and my now separated from husband) bringing one child into the world.

There are several key points in my life that caused a dramatic shift in who I am— she was the first.

In the first few months of her life, I started to see every good and every negative part of my personality. Akin to the experience of most parents, she changed me because suddenly I knew I had more at stake on this earth than my own existence.

She depended on us as her parents, not only for survival, but as role models. And wow— was that reality sobering.

Yesterday her father took her for her learners permit. Covid-19 has delayed some of her plans to start driving.

But now it’s official.

The teenager is now a teen driver. On YouTube: The teen picking me up

Now, her father drives a 2016 Nissan Juke which is like driving a dune buggy. By comparison, my 2015 Jetta turbo is a race car. My daughter smartly recognizes the difference and adjusts her learning plan to best suit each car.

For example, she wants to learn to merge onto the highway in my car before her father’s as she knows if she misjudges, mine will increase speed faster.

Speaking of the highway, she drove me to my mammogram and ultrasound this morning, which involved first experiences not only on Rte. 33, but also Rte. 22 and 378.

She asked me to photograph the experience.

I am so proud of her. And am so glad to share these key moments in her life.

I survived… the car wash

I got dressed up today and headed… to the car wash.

It’s 80 degrees with 85% humidity, and a 30% chance of thunder showers later today. About 5 p.m.

The teenager and I would head to the car wash, give the Jetta a bath, vacuum, stop at Dunkin for free donut Friday and have the car in the garage before the rain.

As soon as we stepped outside it started to drizzle, even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

So we opened the sun roof and headed to Dunkin first. I had an egg and cheese wrap, and half a glazed donut, while the teen had an egg wrap, hash browns, a frozen coffee and half a glazed donut.

We tried to read the car wash signs from across the street. My dad has taken me through the car wash, and apparently my father-in-law has taken the teen. I have never driven a car into the car wash.

I decided on the $8 Express Wash with $3 hot wax and free vacuums. I used a $20 bill to pay in the car wash vending machine.

And to think I spent quite a bit of time collecting quarters.

Into the car wash! (Video)

The video adequately displays my terror.

We vacuumed and found the missing piece to my key fob.

I did a good job adulting with the car.

Screech… boom

I bought myself a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta with 21,000 miles on it a few days before Thanksgiving. I’ve worked really hard at keeping it clean and in perfect condition.

Last weekend my dad even commented that he was impressed.

It’s the first car I ever picked, purchased and registered all on my own. My dad bought me a few cars from junk yards and pieced them together. My husband and I bought two cars together during our 20-year marriage.

But this is mine.

And today while I was at work someone hit it. Of course, it was a hit and run.

The part that hurts was that I work for a non-profit and I park in a church parking lot. I wasn’t parked on street or in a public garage or in a busy place. It wasn’t a day when our food pantry was distributing food or when AA had a meeting at the church.

I was the first person in the parking lot at 8:15 and my boss parked next to me around 2. I discovered it when I left the office with my colleagues at 4:30. I’d been in and out of the office, but traveled between our locations on foot.

The CEO and my boss stayed with me while I waited for police. You can see our CEO in my car window. I think they were more upset than I was.

The pastor of the church said she would check the surveillance cameras.

I’ve had the car almost 8 months. And I hate to part with the $500.

This is really a story for my journal, but I’ve had a lot of flux in my life lately so I just thought I’d quasi-whine to you.

Maybe they’ll give me a sexy little rental car.