Screech… boom

I bought myself a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta with 21,000 miles on it a few days before Thanksgiving. I’ve worked really hard at keeping it clean and in perfect condition.

Last weekend my dad even commented that he was impressed.

It’s the first car I ever picked, purchased and registered all on my own. My dad bought me a few cars from junk yards and pieced them together. My husband and I bought two cars together during our 20-year marriage.

But this is mine.

And today while I was at work someone hit it. Of course, it was a hit and run.

The part that hurts was that I work for a non-profit and I park in a church parking lot. I wasn’t parked on street or in a public garage or in a busy place. It wasn’t a day when our food pantry was distributing food or when AA had a meeting at the church.

I was the first person in the parking lot at 8:15 and my boss parked next to me around 2. I discovered it when I left the office with my colleagues at 4:30. I’d been in and out of the office, but traveled between our locations on foot.

The CEO and my boss stayed with me while I waited for police. You can see our CEO in my car window. I think they were more upset than I was.

The pastor of the church said she would check the surveillance cameras.

I’ve had the car almost 8 months. And I hate to part with the $500.

This is really a story for my journal, but I’ve had a lot of flux in my life lately so I just thought I’d quasi-whine to you.

Maybe they’ll give me a sexy little rental car.

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