Road Trip Preparations

My good friend Gayle and I love to have adventures, usually day trips or hikes or going to a trampoline park on my 40th birthday.

Gayle loves a good road trip.

Gayle is a lifelong Girl Scout.

Gayle’s great-niece, Frances, and my daughter, Eva, are in the same Girl Scout troop. Both girls have a birthday next week. Frances will be 16 (ack!) and my girl will be 14 (double ack!). Their girl scouting days are coming to a close and Gayle wanted to take them to see the birthplace of Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low, in Savannah, Georgia.

We leave on Sunday.

One thought on “Road Trip Preparations

  1. Gayle is a crazy lady. What was she thinking — two teenagers in the cars for endless hours? I’d like to thank the three of you for indulging me in a pretty-much life-long desire to go to Savannah. Now if I could get that dang song out of my head …

    “Savannah, ooh na-na (ay)
    Half of my heart is in Savannah, ooh-na-na (ay, ay)
    He took me back to East Atlanta, na-na-na
    Oh, but my heart is in Savannah (ay) ..”
    Oh, wait, that’s HAVANAH, not SAVANNAH. I also sing it using BANANA.


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