Oh Nala! Please don’t pluck!

I’m caring for the neighbor’s dog so I came home to let her out at lunch time.

Now yesterday, Nala started eating her perch again. So I rearranged her toys, made sure the dog wasn’t in her room, and turned on Hulu for her. Then, I went to work.

She plucked herself badly this morning and it breaks my heart.

She hasn’t plucked in more than a week, but she really did a number on herself today.

4 thoughts on “Oh Nala! Please don’t pluck!

    1. Cockatoos I believe are from Australia. She’s only been with us three weeks and she had stopped plucking so I’m very sad she’s plucking again. It means she has anxiety and/or is bored, but I try to do everything I can for her. Toys. Good food. Attention.


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