Baking a Bundt cake

It’s 9 p.m.

I decided to bake a cake and a Bundt cake at that. Got those Duncan Hines mid-20th Century vibes going on with a boxed carrot cake.

And some pecan coconut icing I bought on a whim. It sounded good or gross. Not sure which.

It’s cooling now.

It was almost a relaxing day. It should have been relaxing completely but I had lots of chores to do and a doctor’s appointment.

But the morning included a visit from my friend Buddy and a nice walk with him, Jan and Sobaka.


I got my first pedicure since the pandemic started. Nala has been chewing my toe nails and eating the dead skin.

And speaking of Nala, she didn’t react well to the bass drum that ended up in my living room.

Now to ice my cake… I swapped some of the eggs for organic apricot applesauce… the cake has a lovely texture and amazing flavor but I flipped it too soon. So you’ll have to stop by for a bowl of cake.

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