Review: Atwater and Sierra Nevada craft beers

As my followers may know, I have been working mandatory overtime in the Stitch Fix Bizzy Hizzy warehouse. I’ve been working 3:30 pm to 2 am— primarily in QC folding fixes but also in women’s inbound processing.

I have had two observations in QC by the supervisor that hired me. Both of them were 102% even though over the course of an entire shift I still haven’t achieved more than 93%.

The observations state that I take great pride in my work and I worked very hard to make my fixes aesthetically pleasing for the client.

Your folds are very neat and fit perfectly in the paper They are very visually pleasing and almost too perfect. You can tell you take pride in the presentation of your fixes and keep the client in mind while preparing the fix.

Anyway, my birthday was Thursday and my friend Joan brought me a carefully and randomly selected craft six pack of beer from Wegmans.

Atwater Brewery Java Vanilla Porter: This was the first beer I tried. I’m a big fan of chocolate beers— Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout is my all time favorite. So since I am also a huge van of most things vanilla. Well, maybe not everything. But a coffee vanilla beer sounded like a fun birthday beer.

It was too heavy. I couldn’t separate the flavor notes. It just felt “in my face.”

Tonight, with a slice of my new favorite coconut custard pie from Tic Toc Diner that one of teenager #1’s work colleague bought me in honor of my birthday, I opened the Sierra Nevada Wanderland Nectarine Ale.

As soon as I sipped it my tastebuds danced in perplexed wonder. It’s light and fruity but not nectarine-like, in my opinion. The teens helped me label the flavors as floral, and maybe they were right. Now I feel like I am floating in a rose bush.

I really like this one.

The pie was also amazing.

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