Review: My First Several Days with Spotify

My daughter and her father have both used Spotify for a long time. I never tried the streaming service because I hate making playlists— or as we said way back in the eighties, “mix tapes.”

I hated it at first— it took four hours for my to set up a queue, and then I lost it. I finally discovered some new podcasts, though I still can’t make them auto play without creating a play list.

And today Spotify made me seven different daily playlists highlighting the diversity of my musical tastes. I can’t wait to listen.

I listened to albums I haven’t heard in decades.

And my ex sent me some of his playlists.

As I had hoped, the inner algorithms of Spotify have worked in my favor. Not only are there recommended personalized playlists, but they are starting to include a mix of news, podcasts and music.

One thought on “Review: My First Several Days with Spotify

  1. I joined Spotify when it was new…maybe 2007 when I was still in the storage closet room at Feather House. I lasted one whole day. I couldn’t figure it out. I have stuck it out with Pandora ever since. Still using the playlist that you and D made for me. Remember how paralyzed with fear I was making a playlist. I now have 5. But the one I use is that first one the most.

    Now that I’m not working outside the house, I don’t even use that one. The roomie hates music, so I’ve adjusted to quiet … mostly.


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